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Nicely Set Examples

Peatah T-shirt Contest

entry must:

- include the name,
set however you want
as long as it is legible -

- be typographic in nature -

- be sent as an attachment
to an email -

For best results, create and save image
with a transparent background.

For files with text and lines or
flat colors only, save the file as PNG
If file includes photos or shades
of colors, save as high quality JPEG.
Resolution must be at least 200 dpi at
actual size (or at least 2000 pixels square).

It’s an online store with a twist: you will be designing the products!

Peatah invites you to enter our design contest! Now is your chance to design shirts and other items for Peatah’s online store. The winners will be chosen from entries submitted, with the winning entry added to the store.

The winners will receive a free item they have designed. Proceeds from sales of the items will first pay for the winners’ prizes. Then, all the remaining commissions will be annually donated to an earth-friendly charity.

All entries must include within the design. Other specifications are listed at left. Our entry deadline each year is December 1st so mark your calendars!

This contest will be followed with other design contests each year. Multiple entries for each contest are welcomed. Good luck!

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