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The diagram above shows many of the parts of letterforms. Looks like a lot; but some of the red labels are repeated for clarity.

Actually, though, since I am missing certain letters, I’m also missing certain labels. I started typing up a glossary of type part terms to be more inclusive; but then I figured, “why reinvent the wheel?” If you have an eye for the details, check out the books I’m picturing on the left. Some of these I have used as textbooks. Here’s an alphabetical list of some great typography book authors:

Cynthia Busic-Snyder
Kate Clair
James Craig
Allan Haley
Ellen Lupton
Philip Meggs
Erik Spiekermann
Ilene Strizver
Robin Williams

I wonder why the alphabet is in that order—do you supppose it’s because of that song? Well, anyway ...

Many of these authors are also educators (I look out for my colleagues!) I probably missed somebody; but, maybe they’ll mail me a review copy. Just so you know, I enjoy autographs and I’m certainly not ruling out those authors I have listed! ;)

Okay, so the last one you won’t be finding in bookstores anymore. But, maybe in an online auction? That’s how I found mine! It’s the 1923 edition of American Type Founder Company’s Specimen Book and Catalogue. The volume has over 1100 pages of examples of the metal typefaces available from ATF that year.

You’ll find the foundry listed within the timeline pages.

Granted, that book was printed way before most viewers were born. But, it still holds up as a beautiful reference for type lovers. Besides, how many computer data storage devices can you name that have lasted longer than books?

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