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Nicely Set Examples

Well, okay, the title above is a little “chip-n-dale-ish.” But after creating the awful title for the unacceptable examples page, I wanted to try something redeeming.

With this page, the real examples shown are what Peatah classifies as proper. Granted, correctly set type is more a subjective thing since there aren’t the obvious mistakes. So, you may or may not like these; but hopefully typographic errors won’t be part of your decisions.

Remember, Peatah needs your nicely set typography examples, too. See the note under the thumbs up for more details.


Have a nice example
of well-set type?
E-mail it to Peatah!

Make your image jpeg or gif
and no larger than 530 pixels
wide at 72 ppi. Also, send us
your reasons why it’s a
nice example and its source.

Herb Lubalin.

Sorry, but I just couldn't
go on with a discussion
of outstanding type
without having at least one
example from this master
of phototypography.

Intrigued? Learn more
about Mr. Lubalin here:


Contrast and integration.

Notice how changes in color
and typeface make obvious
cues for image captions
and body text.

Also, note the text wraps
in and around the images
which integrate the page
as a whole for the reader.

This is a portion of
a spread from
@issue: The Journal of
Business & Design.

This previously printed
publication currently
lives as a blog at:

At Issue

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