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Typography Examples

Good typographic treatment examples abound ... worldwide.
Unfortunately, so do ... uh, ... other examples. But—without this contrast—there wouldn’t be much need for Peatah.

The trouble is, most well-crafted type treatments go unnoticed. As they should. For clear communication, readability is key. Viewers don’t need annoying distractions. It’s the inappropriate type treatments that jump out at us and slow down our reading.

Peatah figures a picture is worth a thousand words (unless the words are beautifully set!). So, it is with this assumption that we have collected nicely set (“n”) and unacceptable (“u”) examples for you. Just click on the appropriate thumb on the left.

Looking for membership in Peatah? Example contributors are highly esteemed by Peatah and are given top consideration! Look for details at those thumb-linked pages.

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