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Certificate of Typetitude

Hold on there, Speedy. You need to prove your Peatah membership worthiness first. If you have reviewed the teachings pages on the site, chances are you can answer these few simple questions. If so, you’ll be directed to a prestigious frameable PDF certificate that you can print and hang proudly as an emblem of your typographic prowess.

Good luck and thank you for your ongoing skillful support!


Peatah’s Typographic Interrogation

1. If indents or extra line spacing indicate new paragraphs, would you indent the first paragraph?

Only within obituary listings

2. When would you set two hyphens together, or a “double dash”?

to indicate a pause
when you are using a typewriter and don’t have an em dash when you are trembling

3. Within the anatomy of letterforms, a “bar” is

a place for single ascenders and descenders to meet
a slight projection that finishes off a main stroke of a letter
a horizontal stroke that connects two main strokes within a letter

4. The best category of typeface to mix with a modern serif is

geometric sans serif
an elegant Victorian novelty font
a transitional serif

5. If we say type is set “24 over 24,” (or 24/24), we can also say “The type is set ...”

“with high math.”

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