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Many of the faults in typesetting come from habits ingrained in us all from typewriter days. Even if you are too young to have used one, there are still family members, coworkers, and even teachers who continue to push these monospaced traditions on you.

Most of us haven’t used a typewriter since the 1980s. You’d think more folks would have caught on by now with proportionally-spaced typesetting methods. Ah, but examples of the contrary abound.

As a result of the ongoing wreckless treatment of typography, below is a summary of the 12-Step Peatah Process for Recovering from Typewriters.

You can study the entire list of twelve steps in Peatah’s teachings pages; but the process involves the following:

admitting that one cannot control one’s addiction or
compulsion to hit the spacebar twice;

recognizing greater typographic skills that can give
strength to page layouts;

examining past errors with the help of;

making amends for these errors within new designs;

learning to live a new life with a proportionally-spaced
typesetting behavior; and,

helping others that suffer from the same addictions
or compulsions by referring them to


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